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<transcy>Forget Me Not Flourish</transcy>
<transcy>Forget Me Not Flourish</transcy>
<transcy>Forget Me Not Flourish</transcy>

Forget Me Not Flourish

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Basically, we contact all of our customers after a successful order. We design the map together with you and send you your individual layout. After the layout has been confirmed, the cards are printed immediately.
Item Description:

This card is a card from our Prime Edition. This folding card is held together with a sticker. All around it is printed with a blue flower pattern. The inside of the card has the same pattern as the outside.
Item dimensions [W x H]
22.5 x 10 [cm]
Print options:

No impression: The cards are delivered neutrally, ie without individual text printing.
Inner part impression: We will design your specified text and you will receive a print preview. After your approval for printing, the text will be printed on the inside of the card. style = "text-align: left;">
Scope of delivery:

You will receive all cards from us completely decorated and packaged so that you can use your valuable time to plan your special event.
Processing time:

For our normal printing, we need 3-5 working days to complete the cards.
Example of a map layout:

This is an example of a print preview. We can design all text passages that you see here according to your wishes. Text passages can be moved, removed and / or added.

The unit costs vary depending on the order quantity. Due to different screen resolutions, it may happen that colors are displayed differently than in the original state.