4,30 / 5,0 basierend auf 187 Bewertungen

4,30 / 5,0 basierend auf 187 Bewertungen

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"I have to dare"
After graduating as an engineer in the field of mechanical engineering, I was faced with a great choice. Do I want to be employed or will I pursue my dream - Si, I want -? After a short time I realized that I had to take this risky but important step. Ultimately, I am proud to say that despite having an academic education, I was able to set up my own company.

"The girl for everything"
As the founder of Si, I want, I am responsible for everything that comes with work. Mainly, I make sure that every department is equipped with enough goods. I also oversee online marketing so that I don't lose sight of the sale of the products. One of my tasks that I particularly enjoy is discovering new products and developing prototypes.

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