4,30 / 5,0 basierend auf 187 Bewertungen

4,30 / 5,0 basierend auf 187 Bewertungen

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"One must allow passions to run free"
I also love to develop artistically in my private life. Art was one of my favorite subjects at school. With the help of my digital affinity, I finally managed to convert my thoughts and ideas into files. Even if I don't paint oil paintings on canvases, my friends consider me a true art genius.

"The design should make the product speak"
As a graphic artist for Si, I want, I am responsible for all digital print files for wedding cards. I also regularly develop new designs that we eventually engrave on our products. The great thing about my job is that you can physically see and touch my work. I realize my imagination with Si, I want.

My favorite product at Si, I want