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"Neighbors, friends, family"
Souhaib has known me since I first saw the world with my eyes. I grew up as his neighbor until I became his friend at some point. Although it's been a long time since he told me about his business idea, it feels like yesterday. The trust that he puts in me is like the trust of a family member. We now see each other every day and regularly plan business optimization.

"When and where? - Anytime"
I am convinced of Si’s corporate policy and products, I want to be convinced. It is remarkable how perfectionist the products are tested before the release. My daily business is the quality control of the orders. I examine our various departments and pass all information on to Souhaib. Before the package is sent to the customer, I take a photo of it and save it in our production log. Furthermore, I am the direct contact person for Souhaib before we bring new products onto the market.